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Unlimited NBN Internet Access Plans

Pivit’s Unlimited NBN plans allow you to choose the plan that best suits your internet needs and budget. If you need internet access for multiple users who like online gaming, to watch HD video’s and are socially connected 24/7, then our “VIP’ plan range is ideal for you. Our‘VIP’ plans offer the experience of consistent, uninterrupted internet (even at peak times) over the highest quality service available.

If your internet needs are simple and an ultra-fast speed connection is not important to you, then our ‘Budget Basics’ plan range is ideal for you.(Please note our ‘Budget Basics” plans may experience periods slow speeds at peak times).

* All Pivit NBN plans have Unlimited data included.

Step 1. Choose Your Plan Component

Step 2. Choose your Contract Length

Step 3. Choose Router - contact support team for more information

* Please note the availability of your chosen speed is subject to an NBN service check at your location. Pivit will confirm if your premises are not suitable and support you with available options. For more details, call our Customer Service Team 1300 66 33 20 or email info@pivit.com.au to confirm the options available in your area.